Most prostate cancer sufferers on active surveillance are suitable for HIFU Focal Therapy.

If you are currently on Active Surveillance for your prostate cancer and haven’t yet discovered the option of HIFU Focal Therapy, we strongly believe this should be a part of your treatment considerations.

Active surveillance is, by its very nature, a holding pattern before other more invasive treatments such as prostatectomy and radiotherapy are used. There are many reasons why active surveillance is a part of the prostate cancer treatment journey, but in the main it is to delay radical treatments which are likely to cause permanent side effects to the patient. The main two of these side effects are erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence.

Listen to Guy’s Story – 

Guy was given the option of Active Surveillance but after some consideration he realised that he didn’t want to sit around knowing he had cancer – mentally he needed it treated.

Our Consultant Urologist Mr Raj Nigam discusses Active Surveillance – “For men waiting for their next PSA result, their next MRI scan, Active Surveillance can be stressful period. We might be able to offer these men HIFU Focal Therapy treatment.”

“Active surveillance is not without its problems and patients need to understand that it can be quite a challenging protocol which goes on for many years.”
Mr Raj Nigam, Consultant Urological Surgeon

Whilst any patient is on active surveillance, by nature that patient is a ‘cancer sufferer’. HIFU focal therapy provides a treatment pathway to cure prostate cancer and the surveillance thereafter is focused upon if cancer has returned and not has the cancer got worse. This is a major change in both the outlook and the day to day of living with knowing you have cancer.

The strong motivation for many focal therapy treatment patients is to reduce anxiety and the burden of regular investigations and biopsies whilst on active surveillance, which will keep going for many years. Many active surveillance patients are not aware of how they may be able to cure their cancer with almost no impact upon sexual or urinary functions. Most importantly you ‘stop’ being a cancer patient.

If you would like to talk this through with us, we offer a safe, friendly and confidential initial consultation. Most of our patients have never been informed of the option of focal therapy to treat their prostate cancer. Our sole objective is to make you aware of this treatment path and the options available to you.

Listen to our Consultant Urologist, Mr Alan Doherty, discuss the advances in imaging and radiology that now make focal therapy a preferable treatment to Active Surveillance.

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“HIFU is something people need to be aware of – I believe this treatment should be more widely available and more widely promoted. It wasn’t something suggested to me as a possibility by my urologist and I actually raised it myself. I would recommend HIFU and in fact have recommended it to others.”

Keith (The Focal Therapy Clinic Patient)

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As a group of consultants we are passionate about all prostate cancer sufferers knowing about all of their treatment options.

Based upon the details that you know and can provide to us, we will send you a Plain English personalised preliminary suitability report for HIFU Focal Therapy treatment of your prostate cancer.

You can use the information we provide in your conversations with your existing NHS and/or private treatment consultant. Should you wish to talk with us further we would be grateful to help you, but there is absolutely no obligation for you to do so whatsoever.