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AUA 2019: Who Should We Consider for Focal Therapy & How?

This article on the URO Today website covers the SUO session at the AUA 2019 meeting where Dr. Art Rastinehad discusses the selection of patients for Focal Therapy for their prostate cancer.

It highlights how focal therapy evolved from the over diagnosis and over the treatment of prostate cancer in relation to treatment’s side effects, primarily sexual and urinary in nature.

Particular note should be paid to the diagram highlighting the various paradigms in relation to the risk associated with the cancer stage.

The main takeaways for clinicians were that patients eligible for focal therapy should have biopsy-confirmed imaging, biomarkers and MR imaging should be used with targeted biopsy in conjunction with the standard biopsy when evaluating patients and patients should have a biopsy to confirm ablation by 1 year post-treatment.

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