BBC Panorama Programme On Britain’s Cancer Crisis

As the Covid-19 pandemic takes its toll on all areas of our lives, the process of identifying the immediate and the readily apparent issues is increasingly being shared by the secondary problems caused by the virus.

Tonight (Monday 6th July) the BBC’s Panorama investigates the pausing of standard NHS care models during the height of the virus and how long it could take for normal services to be resumed. Whilst the focus being understandably shifted to Covid-19 care and the backlog this has created is palpable, there is also an underlying element of those who have electively chosen to ‘pause’ further treatment or investigation due to fear of the pandemic or not wishing to further burden the health services.

Tonight’s programme looks in depth at the analysis conducted by DATA-CAN, the Health Care Research Hub (HDR UK) for Cancer which shows that there could be at least 7000 additional deaths cased indirectly by the pandemic with a potential for up to 35,000.

The data models the impact on screening, referrals, and treatment in relation to those instances that would normally have occurred during this period. Cancer referrals during this period alone are down 45% based upon what would have been expected.

As reported just a few short weeks ago, Prostate cancer is now the most diagnosed cancer in the UK with over 57,000 cases diagnoses in 2018. Early diagnosis and treatment is paramount to preserve life and the outlooks for those who live after successful treatment.

If you can’t watch tonight’s Panorama episode details of how you can watch it subsequently are here at the BBC website

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