What is Men’s Health?

Despite the general acceptance and use of the term in the media, the annual week of awareness that is promoted internationally  and…

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HIFU Treatment for Prostate Cancer

HIFU treatment for prostate cancer is a minimally invasive, localized treatment for prostate cancer using high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU). HIFU is a…

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NanoKnife for Prostate Cancer Treatment: What You Need to Know

1. Introduction NanoKnife IRE prostate cancer treatment is an exciting addition to the array of Focal Therapies now available for the treatment…

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A Chatbot’s view on prostate cancer

Amidst the many major news events of the last few weeks was the launch of Chat GPT on November 30. A chatbot…

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What is old?

Imagine two men, Joe and John, each diagnosed with localised prostate cancer and aged 70 years. Joe is a dedicated sportsman, sexually…

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Making an impact on Men’s Health

We were delighted to be nominated and selected as a finalist in the Health Outcomes category for this year’s Laing Buisson Health…

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Featured article

The NPCA Annual Report 2022: some questions answered, many questions raised

The National Prostate Cancer Audit is the first clinical audit of the care men receive following a prostate cancer diagnosis. Its specific objectives are to investigate: Its annual report is a summary of these investigations, published in long form and short form,…

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Latest articles

As approaches to ageing change, should we change our approach to diseases of ageing?

As approaches to ageing change, should we change our approach to diseases of ageing? As a clinic we specialise in treating men…

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Making sense of media reporting on prostate cancer

Making sense of media reporting on prostate cancer  We live in an information-rich time; never before has so much content been available…

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Prostate Cancer Podcast

A new audio series brought to you by The Focal Therapy Clinic, where our host, Clare Delmar, explores some issues facing men…

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Being diagnosed with prostate cancer can be very distressing, and it’s normal to feel anxious, fearful and unsure which treatment to choose. We understand the emotions you may be experiencing and are here to help you to make a confident, informed decision about your care. 

If you've got any questions about your prostate cancer diagnosis or want to know more about HIFU or NanoKnife focal don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly, knowledgeable team.

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