“I spoke at length with Mr Tim Dudderidge about the Active Surveillance option but I didn’t like the fact I would be sitting round knowing I had cancer and not knowing if it was growing or not growing. Quite honestly I just wanted to get on with my life and not really think about cancer – HIFU seemed like the best treatment option for my case.” 

Guy, HIFU Focal Therapy patient with The Focal Therapy Clinic

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Patients on the Active Surveillance protocol are likely to be suitable for HIFU Focal Therapy.

The Active Surveillance protocol is offered to men with early-stage prostate cancer. It involves the monitoring of localised prostate cancer through regular PSA tests, MRI scans and biopsies.

There are many reasons why Active Surveillance is a part of the prostate cancer treatment journey, but in the main it is to delay radical treatments which are likely to cause permanent side effects to the patient. Whilst on Active Surveillance many men can enjoy a good quality of life although others find the constant monitoring of their condition to be stressful.



Listen to our Consultant Urologist, Mr Alan Doherty, discuss the advances in imaging that now make Focal Therapy a preferable treatment to Active Surveillance – 

“If you have a treatment such as HIFU, with very little co-morbidity, then why just watch a cancer go from a situation where it is not particularly dangerous to one where it is dangerous, when you could alter the natural history and, at worst, delay progression or, at best, cure them?”



The strong motivation for many focal therapy patients is to reduce the anxiety and burden of regular investigations and biopsies whilst on Active Surveillance.

HIFU Focal Therapy offers a treatment pathway to cure their prostate cancer. The monitoring that follows HIFU treatment is focused upon whether cancer has returned and not whether the cancer has worsened. This can provide patients with a major change in their outlook – they are no longer cancer-sufferers.

Most men on the Active Surveillance protocol are not aware of how they might be able to cure their cancer with minimal impact on their quality of life and have never been informed of the option of Focal Therapy.


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Listen to The Focal Therapy Clinic Consultant Urologists, Mr Marc Laniado and Mr Raj Nigam, discussing Active Surveillance –

“There’s an assumption that men on Active Surveillance are going to stay on it forever and will never need treatment, but many studies show that at least a third will need to have radical treatment. So not only do they have all the tests and biopsies; many will still go on to have radical treatment – if they can avoid this by having a simple treatment earlier there is a lot of value in that.”





Listen to Guy’s Story – 

Guy was given the option of Active Surveillance but after some consideration he realised that he didn’t want to sit around knowing he had cancer – mentally he needed it treated.

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