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Going Home After HIFU Focal Therapy Treatment

Most people recover from the HIFU treatment within one or two weeks. In the days after the operation, you will probably feel more tired than usual. This is normally because of the anaesthetic. Most people can return to work after the catheter has been removed.

Your urine may be blood stained whilst you have your catheter. You may also notice some tissue fragments in your urine. This may continue on and off for up to two months after your HIFU treatment. You might pass blood or blood clots. If this happens, drink plenty of water and it will clear. Rarely, the bleeding may continue in which case you should seek advice from your doctor or local emergency department.

Your bladder emptying will be assessed once the catheter has been removed in clinic (trial without catheter clinic). For this appointment expect to be in the department for around three to four hours. This will allow time for the catheter to be removed and for an assessment to be made that you are able to empty the bladder.

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