Prostate Cancer Podcast

Interviews with patients, doctors & campaigners


On Focus - a podcast series exploring the often unexplored challenges and opportunities facing men with prostate cancer.

MRI – the most important diagnostic tool for prostate cancer

Joining On Focus today is Dr Francesco Giganti, Associate Professor and honorary Consultant in Radiology at University College London. Francesco…

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Men’s Health Week: a conversation with prostate cancer campaigner Elvin Box

Elvin Box, a popular and passionate advocate for men with prostate cancer joins this episode of onFocus. Diagnosed in 2016,…

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Active Surveillance, the Protect trial and the importance of targeted diagnostics

Marc Laniado, Consultant Urologist with The Focal Therapy Clinic and a leading innovator in imaging led diagnostics and targeted treatments…

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How Prostate Cancer Research is impacting patients and clinicians

Joining OnFocus today is Oliver Kemp, CEO of Prostate Cancer Research in the UK and Director of PCR inc in…

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Changing the narrative around screening

Joining OnFocus today is Alan Doherty, Clinical Director at the Birmingham Prostate Clinic, and recently voted one of the UK’s…

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NanoKnife is giving more choice to patients

  Marc Laniado, Consultant Urologist at with The Focal Therapy Clinic and a leading innovator in imaging led diagnostics and…

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