For many men who have prostate cancer HIFU Focal Therapy is a potential alternative to radiotherapy. It is a highly effective and safe treatment, but has far less side effects compared with more radical treatments such as radiotherapy.

The main type types of radiotherapy administered for prostate cancer are External Beam Radiation Therapy (EBRT) and Brachytherapy (Internal Radiation). These treatments for prostate cancer are in many cases crucial in the cure of prostate cancer for many patients. We are a group of consultants that fully utilise these treatment options for our patients and have done so successfully for many years.

We use these radical treatments when treating the cancer to preserve life is the foremost priority because of the stage of development of the cancer. This is because for most men who have radiotherapy to treat their prostate cancer, the impact on urinary and sexual function is severe. This is a crucial consideration and one that you should be fully explained to all men who have prostate cancer.

“Barry was 75, and a young 75, we knew from friends that the hormone and radiotherapy treatment would have lots of side effects” 

Listen to Barry & Jackie discuss Barry’s diagnosis and treatment path and the decisions they made before contacting The Focal Therapy Clinic 

Unfortunately in the vast majority of cases radiotherapy treatment for prostate cancer comes with significant side effects. The main two of these are erectile dysfunction and bladder incontinence. What is for certain is that the procedure will have a significant recovery period in line with the radical nature of the treatment.

There are many situations where radiotherapy can be chosen too early in the patient’s treatment cycle. There are also occurrences where radiotherapy may never have to be used if other treatment options had been considered and utilised first. Radiotherapy is also not always successful.

We believe HIFU Focal Therapy should always be considered as a potential treatment option for patients whose prostate cancer has not spread beyond the prostate gland and has a Gleason Score of 7 or less. In all situations of this type we believe that focal therapy should be an important consideration in the next stages of treatment.

“It is important to realise the effects of side effects of treatment have now become paramount for a lot of men.”
Mr Raj Nigam, Consultant Urological Surgeo

If you would like to talk this through with us, we offer a safe, friendly and confidential initial consultation. Most of our patients have never been informed of the option of HIFU Focal Therapy to treat their prostate cancer. Our sole objective is to make you aware of this treatment path and the options available to you.

“HIFU is something people need to be aware of – I believe this treatment should be more widely available and more widely promoted. It wasn’t something suggested to me as a possibility by my urologist and I actually raised it myself. I would recommend HIFU and in fact have recommended it to others.”

Keith (The Focal Therapy Clinic Patient)

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As a group of consultants we are passionate about all prostate cancer sufferers knowing about all of their treatment options.

Based upon the details that you know and can provide to us, we will send you a Plain English personalised preliminary suitability report for HIFU Focal Therapy treatment of your prostate cancer.

You can use the information we provide in your conversations with your existing NHS and/or private treatment consultant. Should you wish to talk with us further we would be grateful to help you, but there is absolutely no obligation for you to do so whatsoever.