TFTC Consultant Raj Nigam Co-authors International Study on Focal Therapy

In undertaking this comprehensive review of literature on the oncological and functional outcomes of men receiving focal therapy, Raj Nigam and colleagues set out to address the ongoing question of data on outcomes by framing it around the now-routine implementation of mpMRI as an essential part of the prostate cancer diagnostic pathway.

In so doing, they emphasise that success with focal therapy is dependent on highly accurate patient selection and localisation of disease, which is underpinned by the routine use of mpMRI. The more men undergo mpMRI, the more localised cancers will be seen which could potentially be treated with focal therapy.

Prior to the establishment and adoption of mpMRI as a standard of care, localised cancers were unseen, often leading to unnecessary radical treatment. As more and more hospitals provide this pathway to patients, it’s just a matter of time before we develop more data on long term outcomes of Focal Therapy–and a number of studies are underway to do this.

It is crucial to understand the link between mpMRI and the implementation and success of Focal Therapy, and to recognise the pioneering role of Raj Nigam in integrating this pathway into the standard of care for men with localised prostate cancer.

You can read the full article here.

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