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What Are The Benefits Of HIFU Focal Therapy?

The cure rates reported after surgery and radiotherapy are between 80 and 85% at 10 to 15 years. What this means is that 80 to 85% of men receiving either treatment had no evidence of prostate cancer whilst they were being monitored.

Although the HIFU results are similar to this in the short term, we do not know whether the HIFU cure rates will stay at this level for 10 to 15 years.

HIFU is a day case, minimally-invasive treatment which does not involve cuts or needles and therefore carries less risk of side-effects when compared with the conventional therapies already available. It also has a short recovery time.

Unlike other therapies, HIFU treatment can usually be repeated, either in patients without a complete response after the first treatment or for the management of local recurrences (cancer that comes back). Overall one in twenty men need to have surgery or radiotherapy after their HIFU treatment within three to five years. We do not know what these rates are in the long term. The risk of complications increases by a small amount with multiple treatments.

Treatment with HIFU, does not usually exclude further treatment with external beam radiotherapy or surgery (Blana et al 2004)

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