The Focal Therapy Clinic Featured In The Mail on Sunday

Recently The Mail on Sunday and The Mail Online featured The Focal Therapy Clinic and Tim Dudderidge in their article, “There’s a prostate cancer cure that can spare a man’s sex life – so why won’t doctors tell us about it?” How high-intensity focused ultrasound could transform treatment of disease”.

You can read the full article here.

The article focuses on Paul Sayer, 64, from Southend-on-Sea in Essex, diagnosed with cancer in his 60s. Paul’s surgeon was ‘strongly in favour of surgery’ and the operation could have been carried out within 10 days of the consultation.

During discussions with his consultant Paul mentioned that he had heard about HIFU Focal Therapy and wanted to know if this was a treatment option he could consider. In the article Paul says the doctor ‘shut down the conversation’ and said that HIFU Focal Therapy was not a viable treatment option for him.

Paul successfully had HIFU Focal Therapy treatment after going back to his doctor and contacting a consultant who specialises in ablative treatment for prostate cancer.

The article also mentions our consultant Tim Dudderidge who says ‘Patients have a right to know about it, so they can make an informed choice about their options. But the fact is many don’t, which is scandalous.’

We are grateful for this coverage and especially so as it challenges why focal therapy isn’t suggested as as treatment option for all suitable prostate cancer sufferers.

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