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“My Experience with NanoKnife”

5 steps to implementing personalised healthcare for prostate Cancer patients.

70 is the new 50. Age Discrimination a real issue for Prostate Cancer Patients

A Chatbot’s view on prostate cancer

A discussion with consultant urologist Raj Nigam – Hormone Therapy

Active Surveillance and Anxiety : Perry Letcher’s Story

Active Surveillance, the Protect trial and the importance of targeted diagnostics

Active Surveillance: A Double-Edged Sword

Advocating for Men with Prostate Cancer Ten Years On

AI – the future of prostate MRI reporting?

Alan Doherty on The Crucial Role of MRI Reporting in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Prostate Cancer

Alan Doherty: Why HIFU Focal Therapy is Preferable to Active Surveillance

Alex González on the Origins of HIFU Technology for Prostate Cancer

All Men Deserve Access to Non-Invasive Prostate Cancer Treatment

An interview with Anne Bruinvels An Interview with Robin Pritchard: Accessing Prostate Cancer Support in your locality. “”

An old man’s disease? As approaches to ageing change, should we change our approach to diseases of ageing? Barry & Jackie’s Story

Bill Turnbull and the Rise of Patient Self-Advocacy

Black Men – Don’t Wait to Get Screened for Prostate Cancer. Early detection is vital.

Black Men and Prostate Cancer, 1 in 4 vs 1 in 8

Breaking the taboos around prostate cancer

Building Health Literacy in Prostate Cancer

Busting myths around prostate cancer

Busting myths around prostate cancer

Can Active Surveillance be justified in the era of Prostate Focal Therapy ?

Can Geroscience Play a Role in Managing Prostate Cancer?

Changing the narrative around screening

Chris Lewis on the Growing Influence of Cancer Support Communities

Clinical Trials: The Research Advancing Prostate Cancer Treatment

Colin Stokes MBE on Founding One of the UK’s Leading Prostate Cancer Charities

Consultant Marc Laniado explains how Focal Therapy helps to reduce Anxiety and other Mental Health Challenges for Men with Prostate Cancer

Decision Regret in Prostate Cancer Treatment

Decision Tools provide evidence to support Prostate Cancer decisions : Marc Laniado

Developments in prostate imaging and why you should care

Discussing Age Discrimination in Prostate Cancer Treatment with Raj Nigam

Do You Know Your Rights? Tim Dudderidge Discusses the Importance of The Montgomery Ruling

Dr Asanga Fernando : Prostate Cancer Patients need access to Mental Health Support

Elvin Box talks about his work to eradicate Prostate Cancer taboos

Focal Therapy – a view from across the Pond

Focal Therapy and the “Middle Way” in prostate cancer treatment

Gogs Gagnon: Prostate Cancer Warrior and Author

HIFU Focal Therapy controls cancer as well as Radical Prostatectomy with no side effects: New Imperial College Study

HIFU Focal Therapy Prostate Cancer Treatment in Older Men

HIFU Prostate Cancer, New Evidence: cancer control without side effects

HIFU Treatment for Prostate Cancer

HIFU: High-intensity focused ultrasound

How Big Data is Helping to Answer Questions About Prostate Cancer

How Can GPs Best Support Men With Prostate Cancer?

How can primary care better support prostate health?

How Likely Are You To Develop Prostate Cancer?

How Prostate Cancer Research is impacting patients and clinicians

How Serious is the NHS Cancer Backlog?

Innovations in Prostate Cancer Treatment and Care – Tim Dudderidge Urologist

Insights from the Recovering Man

Integrating the 4Ps into Prostate Cancer Care

Is Active Surveillance safe for Prostate Cancer Patients?

It takes two

Jonathon Oloyede on How the Black Community is Addressing Health Inequalities in Prostate Cancer

Landmark Study Shows Focal Therapy is as Effective as Radical Prostatectomy

Learning from the Masters

Living Life to the Fullest – Nigel Harris’ story of rapid recovery after HIFU Focal Therapy Treatment

Making an impact on Men’s Health Making sense of media reporting on prostate cancer

Man Alive: A GP’s View on Prostate Cancer Screening

Marc Laniado Discusses the Impact of Covid-19 on Prostate Cancer Care

Men poorly informed about Prostate Cancer Treatment

Men with Prostate Cancer are keen to maintain their sexual function, are their doctors listening?

Men’s Health Week: a conversation with prostate cancer campaigner Elvin Box

MRI – the most important diagnostic tool for prostate cancer

My Prostate Cancer Treatment Plan and Covid. Michael’s story

NanoKnife at The Focal Therapy Clinic NanoKnife at The Focal Therapy Clinic

NanoKnife for Prostate Cancer Treatment: What You Need to Know

NanoKnife for Prostate Cancer Treatment: What You Need to Know

NanoKnife is giving more choice to patients

NanoKnife is giving more choice to patients

NanoKnife, A new Option for Prostate Focal Therapy

NanoKnife, A new Option for Prostate Focal Therapy

New approaches to delivering Focal Therapy

Nobody Should Die of This: Elvin Box Calling For Change and earlier detection

North America gains from UK & European focal therapy

Nothing’s So Bad It Couldn’t Be Worse. Raymond’s Prostate Cancer story

Older patients and treatment choice

Patient Advocacy – a critical asset for men on the prostate cancer journey

Progress since the Pandemic

Prostate Cancer – A Second Opinion Can Change Everything

Prostate Cancer – Women and Partners, Advocates and Sufferers

Prostate Cancer Advocate Tony Collier on Positivity and Motivation Through Exercise

Prostate Cancer Age. How much does it impact your treatment options? Raj Nigam Urologist discusses these issues.

Prostate Cancer And The Black Community – The Beginning Of Progress?

Prostate Cancer Diagnosis the Precision Imaging revolution continues

Prostate Cancer in older men: Age discrimination?

Prostate Cancer Incontinence. Coping strategies with Jane Simpson, incontinence nurse

Prostate Cancer patients deserve Personalised Care. An interview with Mr Raj Nigam: Consultant Urologist

Prostate Cancer Recovery and Music Therapy

Prostate Cancer Recovery, Tougher than expected

Prostate Cancer Scotland : Men need to be aware of Prostate Focal Therapy as an alternative to Radical Treatment

Prostate Cancer Screening for Black Men, 1 in 4

Prostate Cancer Side Effects, Incontinence, Impotence, Depression

Prostate Cancer UK Clinical Champion Pilots Intervention Programme

Prostate MRI: from experimental to essential

Psychosexual Specialist Lorraine Grover on Sexuality after Radical Prostate Treatment

Question Everything: The Advantage of a Prostate Cancer Second Opinion

Raj Nigam on Ageism and Prostate Cancer Age Discrimination

Reasons to be Cheerful Reflections on 2021

Restrictions on Public Toilet access are causing hardship for Prostate Cancer Patients

Running into Cancer – Tony Collier’s Story

Seeking alternative treatment to maintain quality of life

Shaping Prostate Cancer Literacy

The Focal Therapy Clinic – Multidisciplinary Team Goes Digital

The Future is bright for Innovations in Prostate Cancer Treatments

The Importance of Best MDT Practice in Treating Prostate Cancer

The importance of Patient Advocacy

The latest trends in prostate cancer treatment and diagnosis

The NPCA Annual Report 2022: some questions answered, many questions raised

Tim Dudderidge Gives an In-depth Guide to Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

Tim Dudderidge Speaks With Dr Mark Porter On Radio 4’s Inside Health Programme

Tina Woods on How The Science of Longevity Might Impact The Treatment of Older Men with Prostate Cancer

Twice the Burden UK cancer services — a campaigner’s experience Urologist Tim Dudderidge on Outcomes from Prostate Focal Therapy Treatment

What are the Different Stages of Prostate Cancer

What is Men’s Health?

What is old?

When a Doctor Becomes a Prostate Cancer Patient

When a Personalised Approach to Prostate Cancer Care Makes All the Difference

When Active Surveillance Lets You Down

When Success with HIFU Focal Therapy Inspires a New Charity