Patient stories

Steve’s Story

Steve was ready to have a radical prostatectomy and then he found The Focal Therapy Clinic. ‘My hope is that men in my situation look at the other options that are open to them’. Here…

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Dave’s Story

Dave was on Active Surveillance but did not wish to spend the next 20 years as a patient anxious about the progress of his prostate cancer. HIFU Focal Therapy has treated his prostate cancer and given him…

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Graham Ogilvy’s Story

Journalist and publisher Graham Ogilvy joins OnFocus to discuss his recent experience with a prostate cancer diagnosis in Scotland that ultimately led him to seek treatment in England, and offers strong advice…

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Barry & Jackie’s Story

When Barry was diagnosed with prostate cancer the treatment options he was given were unappealing. Jackie decided to do some independent research and found The Focal Therapy Clinic. Barry has now been treated successfully with HIFU Focal…

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Guy’s Story

Guy received a diagnosis of early-stage prostate cancer based upon a well man check. He was encouraged to consider Active Surveillance but he wanted to put the diagnosis of prostate cancer behind him and to get on…

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Bruce’s Story

Bruce was not a candidate for Active Surveillance and needed treatment because of the fact that his cancer was close to the edge of his prostate gland. HIFU Focal Therapy was a great option for him allowing…

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Being diagnosed with prostate cancer can be very distressing, and it’s normal to feel anxious, fearful and unsure which treatment to choose. We understand the emotions you may be experiencing and are here to help you to make a confident, informed decision about your care. 

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