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Patient Stories

Please find below some patient stories highlighting how focal therapy has successfully treated their prostate cancer.

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Steve’s Story 

Steve was ready to have a radical prostatectomy and then he found The Focal Therapy Clinic . 

My hope is that men in my situation look at the other options that are open to them’

Here we present Steve’s HIFU Focal Therapy treatment journey. Steve is a patient of The Focal Therapy Clinic’s Raj Nigam.

Barry & Jackie’s Story 

When Barry was diagnosed with prostate cancer the treatment options he was given were unappealing. Jackie decided to do some independent research and found The Focal Therapy Clinic. Barry has now been treated successfully with HIFU Focal Therapy. 

Jackie believes that although Barry is 75 he should not be pushed towards hormone/radiotherapy treatment as he has many years of active healthy life ahead of him.

Barry is a patient of The Focal Therapy Clinic’s Raj Nigam.

Graham Ogilvy’s Story 

Journalist and publisher Graham Ogilvy joins OnFocus to discuss his recent experience with a prostate cancer diagnosis in Scotland that ultimately led him to seek treatment in England, and offers strong advice for men in Scotland to question the “blunt instruments” that are the default diagnostic and treatment offer there.

Press play in the audio player below to hear the interview.

Guy’s Story – UK HIFU Focal Therapy Patient

Here we present Guys’s HIFU Focal Therapy treatment journey. Guy is a patient of The Focal Therapy Clinic’s Tim Dudderidge.

HIFU Patient Profile – Perry Letcher

My name is Perry Letcher. I am now 58 years old, writing this in May 2020. 5’9 ½, 11 stone 6 and an active sportsman – Cycling and running between 7-12 hours a week, considerably more when cycle touring. I am non-smoking recovering alcoholic with 10 years sobriety. Read more…

You can also hear an interview with Perry about his HIFU Focal Therapy treatment here.

Bruce’s Story – UK HIFU Focal Therapy Patient

Bruce was not a candidate for Active Surveillance and needed treatment because of the fact that his cancer was close to the edge of his prostate gland. HIFU Focal Therapy was a great option for him allowing him to avoid the trauma of a Robotic Radical Prostatectomy.

Bruce is a patient of The Focal Therapy Clinic’s Mark Laniado.

HIFU Patient Profile – Patrick O’Mara

Patrick O’Mara, an accountant from Kent, is 55 and a dedicated Wimbledon FC fan. Like WFC, he values second chances and the support of his fans.

In 2012 his employer, KBR, offered him an overseas assignment in Saudi Arabia. With his children grown and his partner supportive of the idea, he decided to go for it.

A routine medical review was required to undertake the assignment, during which Patrick was offered a PSA test — which he declined. Read more…

Mark Stubbs – UK HIFU Focal Therapy Patient

TFTC patient Mark Stubbs discusses how seeking a second opinion for his prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment led to an unforeseen approach and better outcome.

Press play in the audio player below to hear the interview.

HIFU Patient Profile – Graham Doubtfire

Graham is 75 and lives in Haslemere with his wife Diane. They enjoy walking and travelling, following his action-packed career in international banking which involved living in multiple cities across the USA and Asia. As Graham puts it, he was sent on these overseas posts to fix problems needing fixing – experiences he drew on when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2015. Read more…

Daves’ Story – UK HIFU Focal Therapy Patient

Dave was on Active Surveillance but did not wish to spend the next 20 years as a patient anxious about the progress of his prostate cancer. HIFU Focal Therapy has treated his prostate cancer and given him peace of mind.

Dave is a patient of The Focal Therapy Clinic’s Tim Dudderidge.

Dr Harrison – HIFU Focal Therapy Patient

HIFU Focal Therapy patient Dr Harrison says,

“It was one of those situations where you think, how could this happen to me. I treat disease every day of one form or another and now it is coming my direction. I then got on the internet, like anybody would, and began to search what my options were… and I discovered HIFU.”

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