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High Intensity Focused Ultrasound

What is HIFU Focal Therapy For Prostate Cancer?

Focal Therapy relies on the use of energy sources to generate extreme temperatures that lead to tumour destruction.

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) is the predominant treatment for prostate cancer within Focal Therapy, in some cases other Focal Therapies such as Cryoablation are used. 

HIFU Focal Therapy is a soundwave based treatment for prostate cancer, proven to be as effective as Radical Prostatectomy or Hormone / Radiotherapy treatments.

HIFU uses a pair of high-energy ultrasound beams that heat targeted areas of the prostate, destroying cancer cells. 

HIFU is unique in that it is done under precise image guidance, making it highly targeted. This means it avoids damaging areas that control urinary and erectile functions.

HIFU is performed under general anaesthetic in a single treatment session. Usually lasting between 90 and 140 minutes, it is a largely well-tolerated procedure that allows men to leave the hospital within 90 minutes of completion. 


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Why HIFU Focal Therapy?


HIFU Focal Therapy can be a better option than radical treatments for prostate cancer such as Prostatectomy and Hormone / Radiotherapy for several reasons:

  • Cancer Control similar to Radical Prostatectomy or Radiotherapy treatments
  • Minimally invasive (requires no surgery and no radiation)
  • Day (outpatient) procedure 
  • Quick recovery time (within 2-3 days)
  • Minimal pain and discomfort
  • Minimal risk of incontinence 
  • Preservation of erectile function 
  • Can be repeated if necessary 
  • Does not usually exclude further treatment with radiotherapy or surgery

Read the Clinical Evidence for HIFU Focal Therapy.

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Listen to Consultant Urologist, Mr Tim Dudderidge, discuss the benefits of using HIFU Focal Therapy to treat prostate cancer – 

“In delivering the treatment we avoid the patient having progressive disease, but, importantly, we preserve their functional status, meaning the patient does not become incontinent and has a lower chance of losing erectile function.” 


Suitability & Treatment Planning 

Determining Suitability for HIFU 


The objective of focal therapy is to cure the patient of prostate cancer, with minimal side effects.

Precision diagnostics are essential in order to ensure that the areas of the prostate gland that need to be treated are treated with a good margin. To the extent clinically possible, damage to tissues that could cause side effects is minimised.

Patients whose prostate cancer has a Gleason Score of 7 or less, and who’s cancer is sufficiently contained so that these objectives can be met, can be deemed to be suitable for Focal Therapy.

In evaluating a man’s suitability for Focal Therapy, our consultant will review his MRI images and detailed histopathology reports.

In cases where there is extensive disease, or where the imaging is insufficient, the case will be reviewed in a multidisciplinary team meeting with all The Focal Therapy Clinic consultants and Dr Clare Allen, the eminent uro-radiologist, and together they will arrive at a suitability assessment for each individual patient.

Our MDT meets to present, review and agree on the diagnosis and treatment options for each and every patient, taking into account a complete set of clinical and personal, patient-specific issues.

The decision on suitability is made on clinical grounds but also takes into consideration the values and personal priorities of the patient.


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Patrick O'Mara - HIFU Prostate Cancer Patient

“Mr Nigam didn’t mince words, and he helped me think about my options in the context of my personal circumstances: age, going overseas, and relationships.”

Patrick O’Mara, The Focal Therapy Clinic, HIFU patient





Personalised Treatment Plans at The Focal Therapy Clinic 

Each patient’s personalised treatment plan is finalised after the patient’s suitability has been decided.

At The Focal Therapy Clinic a multidisciplinary team of urologists and uro-radiologists work together to develop the best possible treatment plan for our patient’s prostate cancer. 

Using MRI imaging and biopsy reports, a targeted and personalised guide to the location and severity of each patient’s prostate cancer can be made.

Dr Clare Allen then creates detailed treatment plans incorporating the patient’s MRI sequences with MIM software that allows the surgeons to confidently treat the affected area of the gland plus a small margin.


Dr Clare Allen, Consultant Radiologist, The Focal Therapy Clinic
“As a uro-radiologist, I integrate the results of the major mpMRI sequences with those from precision biopsies to create detailed treatment plans for HIFU Focal Therapy.”

Dr Clare Allen, Uro-Radiology Lead Consultant, University College Hospital, London




HIFU Treatment Plan

Raj Nigam

“Dr Allen’s treatment plans give us confidence that we’re treating the appropriate area of the prostate gland in order to cure the cancer and avoid side effects”

Mr Raj Nigam, Consultant Urological Surgeon at The Royal Surrey County Hospital, Guildford

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