TFTC team contribute to landmark study showing oncological outcomes from focal therapy comparable to radical prostatectomy, Read Evidence,in the media and Recent Blog Post.

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) Focal Therapy For Prostate Cancer

Every prostate cancer patient who has early to intermediate stage prostate cancer or is on Active Surveillance (watchful waiting) could be suitable for HIFU Focal Therapy.

The option of HIFU treatment is not always widely discussed as a treatment option at this stage and instead the active surveillance continues until more radical treatment is needed.

HIFU Focal Therapy is a successful and viable treatment at this waiting stage to cure the patient’s prostate cancer and just as importantly to enable the patient to no longer be a cancer sufferer.

It has been through extensive clinical trials in the UK, Europe and the USA. The most extensive trial was conducted in the UK and has shown that HIFU has an equivalent efficacy for curing cancer, but much reduced side effects.

These trials are detailed in the Evidence section of our site, but please find below the highlighted detail relevant to outcomes.

10 Year UK Clinical Trial: 625 men were treated with HIFU Focal Therapy

Cancer Control

Urinary Continence

Sexual Potency

The Focal Therapy treatment option is revolutionising precision treatment for prostate cancer

Steve's Story - 'My hope is that men in my situation look at the other options that are open to them'

HIFU is recognised as proven to be a highly effective way of treating localised prostate cancer. In comparison to radical treatments it is minimally invasive which leads to minimal to no side effects.

The treatment is conducted under image guidance and is highly precise in its application for the non-invasive destruction of small amounts of cancerous tissue within the prostate glandRecovery time after treatment is also much quicker than more invasive treatments and most men are back to normal living within days.

High intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is the predominant treatment for prostate cancer within focal therapy with over 10,000 patients treated across Europe, the UK, Asia and the USA. Whilst HIFU is a pioneering treatment for prostate cancer, the treatment itself was first developed in the early 1940s. In a small percentage of cases in patients with large prostate glands HIFU may not be suitable. In these cases other focal therapies are used such as Cryo-Therapy or Nano-Knife. 

“HIFU is something people need to be aware of – I believe this treatment should be more widely available and more widely promoted. It wasn’t something suggested to me as a possibility by my urologist and I actually raised it myself. I would recommend HIFU and in fact have recommended it to others.”

Keith (The Focal Therapy Clinic Patient)

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