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Can I Have Focal Therapy Treatment?

Mr Raj Nigam, consultant urologist at The Focal Therapy Clinic

“In our experience up to 70% of men with organ confined prostate cancer are suitable candidates for Focal Therapy.”

Mr Raj Nigam, Urological Consultant at The Focal Therapy Clinic



The general criteria for suitability are as follows:

In general, men with early to intermediate stage prostate cancer that is confined within the prostate gland, and have a Gleason score of 7 or less, and a PSA of less than 20, are likely to be suitable for HIFU Focal Therapy.

However, an individual assessment is made for each patient based on a detailed review of their clinical files and their personal priorities.

Beyond this initial criteria there is a need for the careful review of each patient’s case to make sure the objectives of cancer control and minimal side effects can be achieved. In order to do this our consultants will review all of your clinical records, MRI images and biopsy results to make an assessment of suitability.

Each case is reviewed by our multidisciplinary team to confirm suitability and to work with Dr Clare Allen to prepare a treatment plan.

The decision on suitability is made on clinical grounds but also takes into consideration the values and personal priorities of the patient.

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“High quality information (the MRI scan and report) leads to highly informed discussion (the MDT), which leads to optimal diagnostics and treatment for each patient.”

Mr Alan Doherty, Urological Consultant at The Focal Therapy Clinic

Mr Alan Doherty, consultant urologist at The Focal Therapy Clinic


The Focal Therapy Clinic multidisciplinary team (MDT) of urologists, oncologist and uro-radiologists work together to develop the best possible treatment plan for your prostate cancer.

Our MDT meets to present, review and agree on the diagnosis and treatment options for each and every patient, taking into account a complete set of clinical and personal, patient-specific issues.

MRI scanning and precision biopsy underpins Focal Therapy.

Since the early 2000s, multiparametric MRI scanning has allowed us to identify the location within the prostate gland that has cancer. Precision biopsies, especially trans-perineal biopsies, mean that we can now definitively confirm which areas have cancer and which do not. With this information, personalised treatment plans can be created to ensure that the areas of clinically significant cancer are fully ablated using HIFU, with an appropriate margin to minimise any risk of recurrence.

Dr Clare Allen creates detailed treatment plans incorporating the patient’s MRI sequences with MIM software that allows the surgeons to confidently treat the affected area of the gland plus a small margin.

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Dr Clare Allen, consultant uro-radiologist at The Focal Therapy Clinic

“As a uro-radiologist, I integrate the results of the MRI scan and biopsies to create a detailed treatment plan for each HIFU Focal Therapy patient.”

Dr Clare Allen, Uro-Radiologist at The Focal Therapy Clinic

Dr Clare Allen is the uro-radiology lead consultant at University College London. She has pioneered the use of mpMRI imaging for prostate cancer since 2000 and has led the establishment of reporting standards for prostate cancer imaging in the UK.

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At The Focal Therapy Clinic we are passionate about prostate cancer sufferers knowing about all of their treatment options.

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